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Based on the book: Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love


This workshop can help repair, enhance, and continually grow your love relationship by deepening your connection and closeness with your partner. The workshop uses core concepts from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the most successful couple therapy model substantiated by research. In this empowering and energizing workshop you will learn to understand your needs in your love relationship and how to respond to those of your partner while creating a positive, loving, and lasting bond.



Conversations for Connection:


  • The workshop is designed for all couples in a committed relationship – looking to deepen connection.

  • Hear engaging, but brief presentations and watch video clips to learn the tools for creating and maintaining a life-long loving connection.

  • Practice in private with your partner the conversations that will bring you closer together.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of one another’s needs so that you can stay engaged and not get derailed.

  • Strengthen and Deepen loving connection.




Read the Book

Reading the book: “Hold Me Tight” can enhance

your experience of the workshop and it can be

purchased below.















                           Workshop Details   









Weekend For Couples


*Hold Me Tight® is a registered trade mark to Sue Johnson


OPTION 1: Weekend Retreat. Schedule a weekend for your private HMT workshop. Meet for two days (Saturday and Sunday) 10AM - 4PM with a one hour lunch break.

OPTION 2: Schedule your private HMT workshop over the course of 5 weeks. Meet each week for 2 hour sessions from 7PM - 9PM.

Please Note: this is a psychoeducational workshop and is different than couples therapy. Click the link for more information on couples therapy.

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